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The Process


STEP 1: The choice is yours..

Am I the one? Stalk me as much as you like online, but I love to have a quick phone or video chat to introduce ourselves and answer some of the questions we will have for one another.​

​STEP 2: I’m the lucky one!

Lock me in with a booking fee of $300 to secure your date and let’s get started!

STEP 3: Legal paperwork?

Leave that to me. I’ll guide you through all of it. MOST important thing is getting the Notice of Intended Marriage filled, signed, and submitted to me no later than one month prior to your ceremony date.

STEP 4: Your input.

Using Google Forms, you'll let me know all the logistics planned for the day and select from a range of options you'd like to include in your ceremony.


You'll both fill out a secret questionnaire about your better half, adding a surprising and personal touch to your ceremony. 

STEP 5: Getting to know you.

We'll get together either online or face-to-face and have a detailed planning meeting. We'll collaborate on ceremony aspects, discuss ideas, and I'll ask about your history, story, and dreams for the future.

STEP 6: Getting closer...

1 week before, we have a call/ video chat to confirm all final details. 

STEP 7: The Big Day!

I’ll arrive about an hour before start time, with my professional Bose PA & microphone (if needed) and all the paperwork.

STEP 8: Honeymoon period.

In the days after I'll be in contact to wish you all the happiness in the world and lodge the necessary paperwork with Births Deaths and Marriages.

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