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Can I MC your Wedding Reception?

Absolutely! Allow me to ensure your reception flows as well as your ceremony. Imagine a seamless, stress-free transition from ceremony through to entertaining speeches. I'll guide your guests through heartwarming moments to rowdy dance floors!
Book me as your Celebrant + MC or MC only.

Option #1:
'From first sip to first dance!'

This service covers all MC duties from first celebratory "CHEERS" to the moment you and your guests hit the D-floor and party the night away.


Service can include:

  • Reception planning and run sheet creation

  • Speech writing support (if requested by yourselves or guests)

  • Liaising with other vendors

  • Transitioning guests from ceremony to reception

  • Playing music through my PA until DJ is set up (if required)

  • Announcing wedding party's arrival

  • Introducing speeches

  • Delivering speeches on anyone's behalf

  • Directing and announcing any special requests such as cutting of the cake, games, toasts

  • Introducing first dance + opening D-floor!

  • Accommodation contribution included in quoted amount (for locations over 2 hours travel from Gosford)

Fees from $1200


Option #2: 'Kick-off'

(only available if reception is commencing within 1-2hours of ceremony finish time)

Post-ceremony, allow me to assist with transitioning your guests from ceremony, through cocktail hour, and kick-off your reception party.

This service can include:

  • Making announcements

  • Coordinating guests for photos

  • Working with vendors and hospitality staff to ensure timeliness

  • Playing background music through my PA system until DJ begins

  • Ushering guests into reception

  • Announcing wedding party into reception

  • Announcing general housekeeping for the night

Fees from: $600

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